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What is hydration in 3 dimensions?

It consists of giving the skin a drink in all its dimensions:

  • DEEP DIMENSION: The cell. Thanks to polarized water we increase the absorption of water through the cell walls.
  • MEDIUM DIMENSION: The deep layers of the skin. Thanks to the APS we manage to take the water to the deepest layers of the skin.
  • SURFACE DIMENSION: Horny layer. Phospholipids allow you to maintain hydration by preventing it from evaporating.

Cellular Detoxification

Hydration is, without a doubt, the first objective in skin care. However, there are other factors in the first instance that make the skin appear dull, sallow and lifeless. One of them is “cellular intoxication”, defined as the accumulation of toxins inside cells. Under normal conditions, cells have their own cleansing mechanisms, which eliminate and destroy these toxins. Two of them are proteasomes (widely studied in cosmetics) and autophagy (purifying process by which autophagosomes remove oxidized protein fragments from cells).